Denson Enrichment Virtual Learning Camp

Welcome Parents, Guardians and Campers

Thank you for your interest in Enrichment Virtual Learning Camp 2021! We are indeed living in interesting and unprecedented times. In person camps in a number of states have had to cancel their programming due to COVID-19 restrictions, which has left many parents asking: What will our kids do this summer—and how are we possibly going to entertain them?! Despite the challenges that face us, I am thrilled to be here with all of you in this beautiful community of devoted parents, guardians, and with our children.

Denson Enrichment Virtual Learning Camp team members are excited about this incredible opportunity to serve your family and provide such a unique virtual summer camp experience that gives our children the opportunity to explore, engage, learn, and have fun while supporting their verbal and non-verbal communication, social and intellectual growth. It is our goal to keep our children’s mind, body & soul enriched!

At the heart of creating this live-stream learning camp model was the intention to address the burning question of screen time - especially with the final quarter of school being distance learning. The on-screen time is intentionally structured to be time to facilitate connection, build the feeling of community and allow for campers to channel that camp friendship feeling into their homes.

Again, we are excited and we are looking forward to your virtual arrival to Denson Enrichment Virtual Learning Camp 2021!

Rev. Theresa M. Denson, Camp Director

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