A Seminar Teacher

"The Seminars" are intensive seminars for children's workshops or adults pertaining to either various collaborative topics. Whether children's American Sign Language, or adult's ministry development, all are designed for equipping leaders and colleague-leaders with appropriate types of works for increasing the individuals' or organization's or ministry effectiveness or relevance.

Consultants in hardhats"The Consulting Service" of N.C.I.L. functions as the Executive Leaders "coworker" N.C.I.L.'s Consulting is a "service experience" that is a both, personal-expanding and leadership-expanding, 1-year process on your site. The N.C.I.L. Consultant will schedule 12 times throughout the year for assisting you in guiding your organization forward through either an analysis, and/or strategic plan, or action plan, guiding you to viewing your mission and vision in actionable ways.